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SalesReach is a tool that lets sales professionals create digital first, process-based buyer portals that align sales and marketing teams, accelerate deals. This product organizes the entire sales cycle from first contact through proposal review. I was brought on early in the conception of the ideation of SalesReach. With the founder and two developers, we did all the work necessary to secure funding and bring it to market. I worked on naming, branding, MVP, beta UX and UI, marketing materials, and everything in between.

Role: Strategy, IA, UX, UI, Branding, etc.

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SR MVP TriNet Mockup


Invision was used to build early prototypes to showcase our potential solution to would-be investors and customers. This early prototype was used to secure 200k in funding, got us acceptance into the Beta.MN program and generated buzz for our brand during MN Startup Week. The prototype was then used to create the beta version of our product, and got the product up and running with a beta group of users and an early customer base.

SR MVP Editor Mockup
SR MVP Dashboard Mockup


I facilitated user testing and interviews with our beta test group and early adopters. This aided in understanding how our users were leveraging key features, issues with usability, measures of product success, and edge cases. This also showed new ways of using the tool that we hadn’t originally conceived of ourselves. This testing phase was key to inform new features and prioritize builds following our first real raise of $1.2m

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Moving out of beta, I knew it was essential for us to move quickly and efficiently.  I created a comprehensive design system for SalesReach as soon as I came on as the first full time employee. This design system allowed us to quickly move from sketches into dev and maintain consistency in our designs. This system was crucial as we accelerated towards a v2 launch and expanded our feature set. It also improved the appearance, of our product and addressed accessibility issues.

SR Illustration Examples


Also a part of phase 2 was a marketing site launch for our product. I worked with the CEO and newly-hired marketing manager to define the messaging and created the UX and design for a single page site and product pages to be added later. I also created illustrations to be used across many different mediums to endorse our product and created homepage animations. As part of this homepage I created an explainer video to tell our brand story and attract new customers.

SR Marketing Site Mockup


The portal is the backbone of this SaaS product and houses the many features that make SalesReach a game changer. I applied the feedback we received from the users to build out new features for v2. The below are just some of the features that I designed for this build.

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SR Dashboard Mockup
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The dashboard includes key metrics for our users to understand what pages are getting the most attention for their customers, and what assets are driving the most engagement.

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The asset management system allows marketers to provide company-approved assets for their sales team, as well as uses privacy controls to make sure teams only have access to information they need. Salespeople can also utilize this product to add ease to sharing the best materials for specific clients that have the most impact.

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The visual page builder utilizes content templates and shared assets to be able to spin up new pages in merely minutes. Pages can be created moments after calls to serve as interactive follow-ups. They can then be updated with new messaging and new assets over the entire sales cycle.

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The personalized pages are the answer to endless chains of emails that span months and contain dozens of attachments. They serve as a single source of truth for the users' customers and give them one place to go for all of their materials and proposal documents. Video integrations allow for salespeople to create personalized messages for their customers.

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